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Tolook for him.’At that moment they heard a door slam; then feet came running along the passage.Merry came in with a rush followed by Nob. He shut the door hastily, and leanedagainst it. He was out of breath. They stared at him in alarm for a momentbefore he gasped: ‘I have seen them, Frodo! I have seen them! Black Riders!”Black Riders!’ cried Frodo. ‘Where?”Here. In the village. I stayed indoors for an hour. Then as you did not comeback, I went out for a stroll. I had come back again and was standing justoutside the light of the lamp looking at the stars. Suddenly I shivered and feltthat something horrible was creeping near: there was a son of deeper shade amongthe shadows across the road, just beyond the edge of the lamplight. It slid awayat once into the dark without a sound. There was no horse.”Which way did it go?’ asked Strider, suddenly and sharply. farrah fawcett topless started,noticing the stranger for the first time. ‘Go on!’ said Frodo. ‘This is a friendof Gandalf’s. I will explain later.”It seemed to make off up the Road, eastward,’ continued Merry. ‘I tried tofollow. Of course, it vanished almost at once; but I went round the corner andon as far as the last house on the Road.’Strider looked at farrah fawcett topless with wonder. ‘You have a stout heart,’ he said; ‘but itwas foolish.”I don’t know,’ said Merry. ‘Neither brave nor silly, I think. I could hardlyhelp myself. I seemed to be drawn somehow. Anyway, I went, and suddenly I heardvoices by the hedge. One was muttering; and the other was whispering, orhissing. I couldn’t hear a word that was said. I did not creep any closer,because I began to tremble all over. Then I felt terrified, and I turned back,and was just going to bolt home, when something came behind me and I… I fellover.”I found him, sir,’ put in Nob. ‘Mr. Butterbur sent me out with a lantern. Iwent down to West-gate, and then back up towards South-gate. Just nigh BillFerny’s house I thought I could see something in the Road. I couldn’t swear toit, but it looked to me as if two farrah fawcett topless was stooping over something, lilting it. Igave a shout, but where I got up to the spot there was no signs of them, andonly Mr. Brandybuck lying by the roadside. He seemed to be asleep. I thought Ihad fallen into deep water, he says to me, when I shook him. Very queer he was,and as soon as I had roused him, he got up and ran back here like a hare.”I am afraid that’s true,’ said farrah fawcett topless, ‘though I don’t know what I said. I hadan ugly dream, which I can’t remember. I went to pieces. I don’t know what cameover me.”I do,’ said Strider. ‘The Black Breath. The Riders must have left their horsesoutside, and passed back through the South-gate in secret. They will know allthe news now, for they have visited Bill Ferny; and probably that Southerner wasa spy as well. Something may happen in the night, before we leave Bree.”What wil.

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